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SCAM Warning: There are people asking for money, using Oliver's photograph from his short time in hospital. READ MORE

Fundraising to provide LifeVac anti-choking devices into all early years registered childcare settings.

Please donate using one of the methods below..

LifeVac device

Out of         lives saved to date,       are children!




Olivers Foundation...

Since the death of our son Oliver, who sadly died in a nursery in Kent in September 2021 after choking on pasta we knew we had to create a legacy for Oliver to prevent other parents from having to live through the nightmare we have endured. The Oliver Steeper Foundation was created mid 2023 with the aims of providing a life saving medical device into all registered early years childcare settings.  We miss his beautiful little face, his cheeky little laugh and the joy he brought to our lives in his short time on this planet.

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If you are a Ofsted registered nursery or childminder in Kent, good news! We are now accepting applications for FREE funded LifeVac devices for your setting/home. 

Head over to our application page and submit a simple application form and we will be in touch as soon as a device is available in your area. 

Applications now open for funded devices...

Fundraise for us...

Fundraising can be done in any way shape or form by yourselves, whether it be a quiz night, a sponsored event such as walking, cycling or swimming or a cake sale, who doesn't love a good cake sale or PJ day! 

We have had a couple of interested businesses who have stated they would like us to become their 'nominated charity' and we also are fully welcoming to this.


The LifeVac device...

LifeVac® has two sonic welded discs for interchangeable sized masks, as one size will not “fit all” and a one-way valve system which means when applied no air can be forced through the interchangeable sized masks. LifeVac’s® non-invasive design means no tubes can push the tongue back or obstruct further down in a panic situation. This also means no tubes can become blocked rendering the device useless if only part of the obstruction has been removed.



lives saved!


Our vision...

We are now fundraising for the launch of our charity, which is still pending official registration by the charities commission and devices will be donated to settings upon completion.  If you are able to support our mission with a donation of any amount large or small please click above to continue to our gofundme page.  To put a device into every Ofsted registered setting within Kent (inc nurseries and childminders), we would need to raise £75,000. Each device costs between £60/85 so we are truly grateful for any donations or fundraising done to help the foundation. Once we have completed Kent, we will keep going as long as funding allows.




The stark fact is wherever there is a human, there is a possibility of a choking incident occurring. Whilst our aim is to supply all Ofsted registered EY settings and childminders, you can also purchase a LifeVac for your home, your car, your workplace or even your children's childcare provider. We have partnered with LifeVac Europe Limited to offer a discount code OF10 which can be used on

You will receive 10% off your order value, and LifeVac will donate 15% back to our foundation allowing us to fund further free devices. 

Buy a LifeVac device for your home or workplace...

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